Katya & Sergey

It was a positive day from the very beginning. Humor has been the first assistant in every difficult moment. Guys were trying to make all good folklore sayings come true. Sergey undertook a impossible thing, he carried Katya in his arms through the seven bridges.

Seven bridges of happiness.

The journey of the just married couple continued through seven bridges. There is a Falk saying that this ritual  brings happiness in the new family.

The bridge of childhood: to sail the boats of paper
The bridge of past: to right down you sins on the paper, fire it and blow out ashes in water.

The bridge of the future: write to each other three letters with the events you would like to happen in the nearest future. Open these letters in a year.

 The bridge of wishes: to release pigeons or a bunch of balloons, making a wish

The bridge of destiny: the groom carries the bride in his arms as long as possible. A step is equal to a year of life.

The bridge of love: the just married couple hang the love lock and throw the keys into water.

The bridge of fortune telling:on one side of the bridge across the river (towards the stream), the bride and groom throw into the water one rose each. The roses coming up on the other side of the first, is to be the head of the family.