I don't know anyone who has never wanted to have the coolest red colored car, eat pizza, seafood and to humor own taste buds. Everyone wants to live among kind, easy-going, romantic and talented people. Wearing comfortable and at the same time fashioned clothes and listening Italian songs on every crossroad. You will definitely find something for yourself in Italy. My first experience of living in Italy made me believe that wishes come true. I became the uncle due to??? Italy, learnt Italian due to my nephew, I fall in love again in photography and cooking. People go to buy bread in the morning, but only in Italy the first customers will be treated with pizza. They begin talking to you- Where are you from?, -Do you know what love is? What do you like to eat? By the way, it was raining like cats and dogs yesterday. The most favourite topics in Italy are Food, Love, Clothes and Weather… It is incredibly but they do everything with pleasure and quality! They enjoy every day of their life and create anything whole-heartedly. Architecture, hospitality, people all those things are inimitable. If you have time and wish to know what is dolce vita go to Italy. You will see the charm of the country from Calabria to Bolzano only for 14 days.