Delicacy, culture, fashion, romance, pleasure…. Those are just words. You should visit the South of France to feel it all on your skin. What can I say about South of France? This is the only place where I could relax, feel the nature, and get drive.  For the gourmands, when I ate oysters I thought that they were the last on the Earth and served only for me J.

The sea….the color is amazing. You will see incredible panorama of the sea and the city from the viewing point at the end of the embankment (there is an elevator for the laziest persons). Nice is full of museums, theaters and concert halls.

Monaco is not far from Nice. The square of this country is two km 2. 80% of residents are foreigners, which do not pay taxes (officially). In my opinion, living in Monaco is a paradise for the rich and great motivation for common people.